Hello lovely peeps!
As you might've noticed I've been pretty bad about updating this blog. :(
No I did not give up on this blog let's just say it was an unplanned Hiatus. So what happened?
Well a lot of craziness, most of it going by the name SCHOOL. I got pretty busy with all the exams and presentations that I hardly had time for anything besides studying. But now it's summer (even though the weather is cold and stormy and really ugly) and I have more time to run this blog, hopefully I'll still be able to continue on
ce school starts again in the fall, because I already know that it will be some busy months. Why? Weeeeeelll I'M GOING TO GRADUATE! Wuhu! Finally after 9 years I'll be done with High School! (Yes we do have 9 years of HS in Germany) But until then I hope to update regularly and there's one more thing to say:
I really hope to be able to post more soon :)


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