So news just in we got ourselves a Peeta and a Gale :D
Peeta will be played by Josh Hutcherson, which is no surprise to me because he was one of the 2 guys we heard the most about. I'm totally fine with this decision, I know he's not blonde and blah but as I already said: It's the 21st century we have hair dyes and wigs :) plus I think Josh is super cute (fan girl squee here xD).
And now we have Gale: Liam Hemsworth. Ok we didn't hear much about the casting for Gale so Yes I'm surprised because to be honest for me it doesn't fit. Not that I don't like Liam, he just doesn't look like a Gale to me (even though he was one of the reasons which made The Last Song better (sorry Miley but you just can NOT act)) but yeah it just doesn't work for me but we'll see how it'll turn out.
So how EXCITED are you????? For my part: YAY JOSH! (for me he really has a Peeta face :D)
<- Yup he's a Peeta :)
Dear Liam: I hope you're a good actor, because for me you just DO NOT look like Gale ->


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  1. I think I'm the only one who never read the book and is not planning on seeing the movie.