WUHU!!!!!!! GO GREEN BAY! :D So you might realize that I'm a proud cheesehead, so therefore I'm super excited about last night! It was so worth it getting up at 3 am to watch the rest of the game (well I'm not in the great dairy state anymore) and dang was I happy when the Packers won WUHU!!!! Oh and after that: Glee the half-time dance was epic even though I didn't like the ending SPOILER (just mark the text):(I'm a total Finchel fan or Puckleberry, yeah I kinda like that too xD I just could NOT understand how Finn could let Quinn kiss him uuurgh jeez that girl slept with your best bud and got preggers and right now she's together with Sam, jeez that girl gets around a lot in the football team, but um yeah I actually like Diana Agron, just not Quinn urgh, but we'll see...) So yeah that's it just wanted to drop by the news WUHU! GO PACK GO! xD
Happy Post-Super Bowl Monday :)

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