V-Day and something special

A Happy Valentine's Day to all these lovey dovey people out there.
Well if you are sick off all these googley eyed people, running around with flowers and chocolates just like Lara and I do it like we're gonna do it today: have an Anti-Valentine's Day :) We're going to the movies to watch Black Swan (wuhu!!!) and there (hopefully) won't be any lovey dovey,googley eyed couples around us xD (yeah Valentine's Day is kinda frustrating xD) BUT if you think today is an awful day and you just want to barf then here I got something awesome for you: Tomorrow will be a special event on this blog featuring the one and only Tera Lynn Childs (can I get a WAAAAAAAH!!!!!!????) so make sure to check back tomorrow evening to get something exclusive. :D
Have a great day everyone! :)

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