One real epic contest

So today I stumbled over the Blooming Books Giveaway hosted by Squeaky Books and 9 other blogs( The Elliot Review, That Hapa Chick, Bibliognome, Pensive Bookeaters, The Mod Podge Bookshelf, Lisa's World of Books, Fade Into Fantasy, See Scoot Read and Awesomesauce Bookclub). This giveaway is not only about winning NO you also get the chance to check out all of the great blogs participating and follow them. :)
You should know that I absolutely love spring (the sun comes out and the weather gets nicer and everything is just waking up, I can already feel that I'm much more awake in the morning now that there is some sun! :D) and I adore flowers so of course I looked at it and OMG! So first of all: It's International, which I,as a blogger based in Germany, always think is awesomesauce ;) but to add to the awesomeness: you can win a $100 (!!!!) gift card from either Barnes&Nobles,Amazon.com or Borders (your choice), there are several blogs participating and each blog will choose a 1st winner and a 2nd winner. Winner No.1 will be entered into the drawing for the $100 gift card and the 2nd winner will be entered in a drawing for a $30 gift card (which is also pretty awesome). Contest runs until April 1st so go ahead and enter, because well it's epic and if you have a huge TBR-Pile like me this will definitely help you to get some of the books you day-dream about reading. :D

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