Hello there :)

Hello Blogging world! :)
So this is my first post to tell you what to expect from this blog.
This blog is hosted by me and my friend Larissa, we're not afraid to tell everyone what we think (well in the end haters gonna hate, right? xD), so we will do this in our blog: writing our opinion about everything and everyone. So to give you a clearer picture about it here are some things you're going to read about:
-books/book reviews, book contests (who doesn't like winning books plus there are some amazing bloggers that I'm currently following which you should check out! :) )
-movie reviews
TVreviews (who's excited for Gossip Girl,90210 and Glee to return? And who's excited for more Pretty Little Liars? Well I'm for sure! :D)
-etc.,etc, (as I said everything xD)
But be warned we're pretty sarcastic, so yeah, just relax and enjoy the show (or blog)
I will start off in the next Post with something called Teaser Tuesday which is hosted by MizB of http://shouldbereading.wordpress.com/ more to it in the second post :)

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