Luke's Marvellous Music World (2)

Hey Guys, it’s me again, Luke. So I promised I’d blog about a different band each week and here we go, my second band is waiting for y’all.

So this time I picked a band that is maybe a little more popular than the first I picked (see my first blog about Bombay Bicycle Club) and without any further explanations, here they are, ARCHIVE.

Again, they come from Britain and they do electronic, trip - hop, avant garde and some rock. They had success throughout Europe, but ironically not in Britain. They started around 1994 and over they years they released eight studio albums.

In May 2009 they released, in my opinion, their best album called “The Controlling Crowds”. With this album they climbed the charts in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Greece. The single “Bullets” that came with the album - also one of my favorites - was also their most successful single and hit the charts in Greece, Poland, Switzerland, France and Germany like a freight train and shot to the top of the charts.

They toured trough Europe with “Controlling Crowds”, but unfortunately I never got the chance to see them live and in action. That’s actually one of my dreams, to see them on a show.

Now I can’t really talk about all their albums, but I’ll tell you a little bit ‘bout “Controlling Crowds”, which is the best one anyways. So the album has 13 songs on it and the Genre of tracks contains everything from electronic to rock and modern music genres. It starts with a 10:09 minutes song which is named like the album “Controlling Crowds”.

The set up of the album is perfect and it switches from calm to exciting, which makes it just a pleasure to listen to. So if your either into electronic or hip/hop or rock or you just like all of it, this album has it all, so don’t forget and tune into it sometime. My favorite songs in “Controlling Crowds” are the hit single “Bullets” as well as “kings of Speed” and my absolute favorite “Razed to the Ground”.

So hope you guys learned some more and I hope you’ll listen to a few songs and thanks for reading my blog. Next week there’ll be a new band so I’ll see you guys around.

Peace out, Luke

PS: heres the link for the webpage: http://www.archiveofficial.com/


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