Quick update

Geeeez today seems to be the day of posts xD so why I update? because I just found out about a few giveaways that might interest you. ;)
There would be the site goodreads.com where they give away some awesome ARC's! Want some examples? How about:Clarity(by: Kim Harrington),Imaginary Girls (by: Nova Ren Suma), or Losing Faith(by: Denise Jaden) do I have to say more? I don't think so!
2nd Giveaway: Lauren Oliver is giving away not 1, not 2, NOOO she's giving away 5 signed copies(!!!!) of her book Delirium, plus an awesome book thong (so what are you waiting for go on and head over to Lauren Oliver's Blog ASAP!)
3rd: Taschima of BloodyBookaholic is hosting a huge Goodbye 2010 giveaway until Feb. 1st, so go and check out the contest and her sweet blog!
so that must be all-Happy winning xD

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