And We Got Our Katniss!

It's official people: Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss in the movie version of The Hunger Games! So how excited are you about this? Or did you want some one else (like Hailee Steinfeld)to play the role? I think Jennifer is really pretty, it's not exactly how I imagined Katniss, but I think (well more hope) that Jennifer will do a good job (after all she was nominated for an Oscar!). My one wish is just that she'll either wear a wig or (probably) better dye her hair, because I don't think anyone of us wants Katniss to be blond, when every single one of us imagined her with brown/dark hair (which she is described with in the books).

EDIT:totally forgot to mention my source,well I got the news from teen.com

Well that ARE some news on St. Patrick's Day!
Hope ya'll started this day right with a bowl of Lucky Charms and a bright green shirt :D
Happy St. Patrick's Day and may the Luck of the Irish be with you ;)

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