So how excited were you about last nights episode of Glee? Well I was super duper excited! Why? Because they did original songs and what can I say I LOVE the song Loser like me, it's the perfect anthem! And I mean who hasn't had someone telling you that you would never achieve a certain goal or gives you a weird look just because you're not like everyone else? So this song is perfect! I especially love the line: I'll get you back when I'm your boss :P
well actually all of the lyrics is inspiring (yup it inspired me) for just being who you are and telling off all the haters. :) (A big Hurray on being proud to be a g(L)eek!)
Another song I loved was the duet by Kurt and Blaine, who covered Candles by Hey Monday a song I absolutely adore.
One thing made me go really mad though: There is a scene of the Jury room and the conservative Judge (who obviously should portrait the stereo type of extreme conservative people, but still) she said that The Warblers would send the wrong message, because in her opinion "Being gay is not OK" and my dear readers let me tell you BEING GAY IS DEFINITELY OK! It doesn't matter who you love (Yes, Lady GaGa is so darn right with her song Born this way) So you're a guy who likes guys or a girl who likes girls SO WHAT? I don't get why some people are getting all upset about it, it's not like gay people have a disease or something like that, all they want is to be accepted and loved for who they are and I think it would make the world so much better if all these gay-hating people would finally start to accept them and not go bonkers over it! (after all there are some people who commit suicide, because they're gay and can't deal with the hate they get from some people) And, yes, I do have gay friends, so when I found out about them being gay it sure was a big change, BUT they're still my friends and it didn't change my way of thinking about them, we're still as close as before. So when I hear how some people gossip about it and get mean I just want to yell at those gossipers and urrgh! (I mean do they really think that they are better than everyone else?) It makes me mad!
But back to Glee: yes the woman was meant to be parodistic and you could actually smile about the waaaay to extreme statements she made), and the nun was just hillarious, because she was all "Oh hell no you assaulting woman, you did NOT just say that! xD And I also like that Glee in general is dealing with the problems of Kurt (I just love his relationship with Blaine it's sooooo cute!). Well I really loved this episode of Glee (yes I know that I repeated myself xD)

So you can expect a review of Inside Out over the weekend, because I just have to promote this book because of it's awesomeness :D

Hugs from Germany! :)

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