Another Mini-Challenge- TEAMS :)

So as you might know from my post yesterday I'm participating in Princess Bookie's Contest Craze (running until April 10th) if you haven't checked it out by now you really should. :)
So today's challenge is about Teams, so I decided to tell you not only about 1 but about 2 Teams. Here we go:
The Mortal Instruments: I'm sure almost every one of you knows this series, I mean it's pretty awesome so if you haven't read it by now: DO IT! The 2 Teams are Team Jace or Team Simon, well I have to say I'm Team Jace all the way, he cannot only be badass but also really sweet and he protects Clary no matter what. Of course I like Simon but I always have problems with teaming up with the best friend of the MC, because I, too, have some really good buddies and I could never imagine going out with one of them, because they are like brothers to me, so yeah I always have a hard-time with the love triangle that involves the best friend(as nice and sweet he might be), I just can't relate to it. (Same with Puck and Ash from The Iron King, Team Ash FTW (plus he has a darn good reason to be bad ass and not let anybody get in touch with him, so yeah xD)
But besides the Teams which I can choose pretty fast, there is one (until now) which I just canNOT decide who to Team up with. And this Teams are Team Ren and Team Shay from Nightshade (you might know this already because of my review :D). So why can't I decide? Well both of the guys have their good and bad qualities, while Shay tries to help Calla and respects her personal space (not like Ren :P) and is really sweet, but he also seems very pushy and I don't like that, and then there's Ren, who can be a total ass, but then he's the sweetest cupcake in the world. When I read the synopsis of Nightshade I was pretty sure I would side with Shay, because I wouldn't like to be forced to marry anyone because others tell me to, so um yeah I was really confident that I would Team up with Shay, but then you find: hey Ren's not too bad either, and the misery begins. xD
So my dear peeps tell me: which Team are you on and why? And if you've read Nightshade which Team did you choose?
Hugs from Germany :)