Let's talk Mockingjay

So um I just finished the whole Hunger Games trilogy and I just need to type my feelings about it right now or otherwise they would eat me up! Well let's start with The Hunger Games: I loved this book so much the action in it was awesome and it was well paced i just couldn't put it down and it's definitely on my personal Must Read List, on which are the books I practically make my friends read xD. So after reading The Hunger Games I just HAD to read Catching Fire and again I was not disappointed, but something just itched me about it, I just can't put my finger on what exactly it was. And the there is Mockingjay well.....I also stayed up all night reading because I was eager to know the end and if Katniss would choose Peeta or Gale but along the way to the end some things just didn't quite fit with me like the fact that even though Katniss doesn't know which boy to choose she still goes around kissing both, leading them on instead of getting a little space from them and think about it. Another MAJOR point was that from the beginning of the book Katniss looses all the strength she has during Book 1 and 2 instead of being the strong independent woman we get to meet and love she now hardly makes her own decisions and get's forced into everything without trying to protest against it, although she always says how she doesn't want to be playing games of the others. It's exactly what she does, gone is her rebellious spirit and she's like a puppet. Then I missed all the action going on in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, of course there were the bloody fights and sure there was action BUT as soon as the action reaches it's boiling point Katniss somehow always blacks out and awakes at the hospital. The end of the book seems way too rushed and there a 2 deaths which really bother me and weren't even necessary but I'm not spoiling it by saying who dies. Well ok just highlight this area in which I rant about the 2 deaths:( So first of all Finnick why did he have to die after everything he's already been through and after finally starting to have a life? and then there's Prim it was a crucial,waaaay to fast death and i don't thin necessary but maybe that's just my opinion).In the end there are a few pages where I actually hate Katniss ( yeah I'm talking bout right after she said yes to the last Hunger Games where they would send the kids from the capitol, I mean come on those are kids they are not responsible for the war PLUS you all should know better how it feels to have somebody you love in that arena. Oh and wasn't it always the main reason to stop the capitol, because you hated the Hunger Games???). And then there is the end: Again Katniss can't even decide who she wants to be with she just kinda ends up with HIM, because he was there and the other one wasn't. It just was too shallow for me and I wish Katniss would've just thought everything through!
All in all I really recommend reading these books because Book 1 is just sheer awesomeness and if there would be a rating with more than 5 stars on goodreads.com I'd give it a loooot more. Suzanne Collins is a remarkable writer and knows exactly how to keep a reader glued to a book, her writing is great and she knows how to build up the action so you just can't keep away from reading the books! Catching Fire, too is a great book, not as good as the first one but still satisfying. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the third one, I'll tell you that you just can't help yourself: You have to read it because you SO want to know how it all ends and if you did I'd love for you to come back here and tell me what you thought of Mockingjay and on what parts you just can't agree with me. :)
Hugs from Germany!

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